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    Great Email From a Style Girlfriend Reader (An Ongoing Series)

    24th January 2013


    Today’s reader email comes from Gary, who wrote in with a question, which I answered offline. He then followed up with such a great response (to my response), highlighting some of SG’s greatest hits, that I just had to share.

    If you’ve been here for awhile, feel free to walk down memory lane with me and Gary. If you’re new, consider it a primer on some of SG’s latest and greatest posts.


    Hey Megan.

    Thanks for responding!  I thought for sure my question would be lost in the thousands you probably receive each day {editor’s note: more like millions! pshhhhhh}.

    After reading some of your articles (which are strangely addicting), I began to realize how dated I have become.  I still feel young…but time has a way of creeping up on you.

    So far, the things I’ve noticed…

    1)  Dad Jeans

    Holy cow.  I had no idea stone washed denim was out of style. As you said:

    ‘Dad Jeans are often seen in the wild worn in conjunction with mock turtlenecks, windbreakers, New Balance “walking” shoes (you know the kind – uber-white, with a sole so big it looks like a platform shoe), and a generally dismissive attitude towards fashion.’

    You just described me to a T (Dad Jeans, windbreaker, NB’s).  You’ll be happy to know I am switching to straight dark 501′s. :)

    2)  Pleated Pants

    I guess these went out of style with stonewashed?  Last week at work, I was sitting at my desk and noticed the bottom of my 10-year-old dress pants had a bunch of string hanging from the cuffs (yes pleated and cuffed).

    So I cut them off.

    While admiring the multiple strands of material I had just gathered and even contemplating getting another five years out of these pants, upon closer inspection, noticed the cuffs were completely frayed.  All my other pants were the same!  Suddenly I thought of your blog and figured…SG UN-approved!

    So, I ordered some new Dockers.  They’re probably old man Dockers, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.  Straight, flat, and cuffless!  Baby steps, right?  You’ll like this even more…bought from Kohls (with the Retailmot 10% discount) instead of Dockers direct.

    Also, replaced my ratty, never-polished Rockports, with the Florsheim Thackers you recommended along with a pair of Allen Edmonds (never heard of until your blog) wingtips.

    However, my cheapness started creeping in so I bought the $175 pair, you know, the ones being discontinued probably because they’re out of style. :)  And, I bought some new polos from my go to store…Lands’ End!  You should be compensated for recommending stores in your blogs.  You could call it the ‘SG Effect’, kind of like the Kramer Effect on Mad Money. :)

    3)  Gym Clothes 

    I’m 5’4″ 130lbs…far from a meat-head, but I do like showing off the guns (ok roll your eyes) {ed. note: nope, never–who doesn’t like a gun show?}.  I never knew wearing a sleeveless shirt would be a turn off to women.

    And then the sneakers…you said: “There’s no need for laces that require humongous bunny ear loops.”  The bunny ear loops on my NB’s remind me of my childhood pet rabbit!

    I’ll try to go back to sleeved shirts in the gym, but for sure will give up shorts in the winter.  BTW, that’s a nice pic of you in the shorts blog, the one where you’re leaning against a pole.  When I saw it, I wondered what you were thinking at that moment…probably something like…’Someone, anyone…help Gary, as he has the style sense of a 2yr old.’

    Well, I didn’t realize I was rambling so much.  Clothing advice from women is always helpful, but advice from a pretty lady is that much better.

    Take care and keep up the good work!


    What a great email, ri-i-i-i–g-h-t?! Gary did a much better job than I ever could of recapping recent SG highlights.

    Tell me:

    Have you taken any cues from a Style Girlfriend story recently, pulling the trigger on a purchase? Let me know what you’ve recently bought and why!

    • Dave

      1. Swapped out my relaxed and boot cut jeans for ones that fit
      2. Upped my shoe game.
      3. Sent all my pleated front pants to Goodwill
      4. Invested in some nicer casual weekend clothes ( vs. Typical oversized free tees from college)
      5. Focused on finding shirts with a closer fit
      6. Sweaters and layering
      7. Not worrying about dressing a little nicer than the other people in my office (threw on a camel blazer last week and blew their minds!)
      8. Leather moto jacket
      9. SG Quarterly (can’t wait!)
      10. Thin front pocket card case vs. Wallet (love!)

      Still needs improvement: suiting. I don’t wear suits often so I don’t think of it until I need it which is too late. I have one suit that fits OK but I literally went to Jos. A. Bank with my dad and bought it. I’d like something a little more modern.

      • Style Girlfriend

        What a thorough list! And can I just say, I felt the same way about party dresses as you do about suits. That’s why a few months ago, I bought two cocktail dresses on clearance even though I didn’t have anything I needed them for right that second. I’ve used them both since then! So yes, it’s definitely a good idea to have a slim-fit, modern suit on hand in your closet. You never know when you’ll put it to good use (and be the best-dressed guy in the room)!

    • Chris


      1. Copped a slim brown leather pocket card case from J-Crew. Before that, I was carrying the bare minimum amount of cards…in my pocket (not even a binder clip, although I do own a money clip that I hardly use).
      2. Been wearing my Clarke chukkas a lot more! (I love them but had no idea women did so much).
      3. Copped some cedar shoe trees.

      I love your work! I’ve been looking for something like this for years. I’m in my mid-20′s and consider myself pretty style-savvy, and I’ve been looking for an expert female opinion on men’s style! I love your attention to the finer details like collar stays, shoe trees, and even which color of wallet you prefer!

      • Brett2142

        I asked for cedar shoe trees for Christmas. My family accused me of having a boring list (but they did buy me two really nice sets from Macys with a full heel)

    • Brett2142

      Oh, and I did finally buy a pair of Clarks’ classic beeswax desert boot last week. Got a compliment from a friend the first day I wore ‘em. They’re going to take a bit of breaking in to be comfortable, I’m trying to wear them when I know I’ll only be walking for a few minutes.

      • Style Girlfriend


      • Chris Jones

        Mine actually just showed up yesterday. Wore them all day to try to break them in. I find them a bit loose, though with the shape of them, that doesn’t surprise me too much.

      • anthony

        They’ll break in real soon. It seems like it could take awhile, but they’ll be your most comfortable shoe in under a week.

    • Fred

      Main take-away from reading SG has been the importance of proper fitting. As an experiment, I took a so-so shirt into my local tailor and asked her to tweak it to fit my body shape / size. The difference was amazing. It looks and feels so much better now.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Yes! Isn’t that the best? Makes you feel like whatever you bought was twice the price!

    • AL-MO

      Desert boots would probably be at the top of the list.

      More specifically though, I bought this snood after seeing it posted on here. I really like it.

    • Gary

      Does this mean I’m famous now? :)

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