The Golden Globes’ Best Dressed Men

    Nothing like looking at pictures of a bunch of handsome movie stars in black tie attire to get your Monday morning started on the right foot, amirite?

    I slogged through pictures of all of the well dressed actors, writers, and directors (ha, okay, just the actors) walking the red carpet at last night’s Golden Globes because I think it’s always worth seeing what other guys out there are doing right for inspiration. All IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH you guys.

    Because even if you’re not going black tie on the regular like the Goslings and Clooneys of the world, it never hurts to see what a perfectly-fitted suit can do.

    Below are my picks for best dressed from last night’s awards. Let me know whose look impressed you most in the comments:

    DANIEL CRAIG (with Rachel Weisz)

    Watch out Eric and Tami Taylor; your reign as ‘famous relationship I want to model my life on’ may be ending. And the best part is, the duo replacing you is actually real.

    Obviously Craig’s suit looks amazing – I’d expect nothing less from Mr. James Bond – but look how happy the man looks. Aside from a great outfit, a great attitude is the other thing that will give you confidence walking into any party. Look like you’re actually having fun, and who knows, you really might.


    Redmayne, who made me sob with his rendition of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” in Les Mis (though, everything made me sob in that film, so take it with a grain of salt) looked great and young in his tux last night. I like that he’s doing something a little different with the velvet jacket to make the outfit feel more personal, but he still looks totally appropriate for the show and super handsome.


    JOHN KRASINSKI (with Emily Blunt)

    Am I just picking the guys based on how much I love what their ladies are wearing? I’m starting to wonder, because after seeing Emily Blunt’s crazy amazing cut-out dress, I want to take a scissors to everything in my closet. But Jim from The Office always brings it to awards shows, and this gray peak-lapel tux with bow tie (neckwear seen on a lot of guys this season!) looks classic and screams “movie star.”


    The Modern Family star proves that a man with a bigger frame always looks better – and slimmer! – wearing clothes cut closer to the body, not trying to hide anything with billowing folds of extra fabric. That always backfires and just makes you look larger than you really are.

    Clearly, Eric is reading Style Girlfriend on breaks from the set. Hi Eric!

    JASON STATHAM (with Rosie Huntington-Whitley)

    I gotta say, I am digging the peak lapel/bow tie combo this season. Maybe I’m just getting old and therefore loving the classic look more and more. But it seemed to me that there was a direct correlation between dudes in this classic styling who also had the fit down (ie, slim, close to the body, slight break in the pants), versus guys who had on the long tie who experiencing some fit issues – namely too-big-suits and puddles of material pooling around their ankles. Looking at you Denzel – I love ya, and still kind of am hoping for an upset at the Oscars (what? I loved him in “Flight”), but get to a tailor before you hit a red carpet…and have someone tie your bow tie if you need the extra help. I watch Downton Abbey; there are people to do this for you.

    I’m also just a sucker for side boob. Looking good Rosie, looking good.

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    Tell me:

    Who do you think was best dressed last night?

    …How great were Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as hosts?

    ….And who else wants to jump on the Denzel for best actor bandwagon with me (it’s pretty roomy right now)?