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    Go Your Own Way: An Elevated Musical Experience with Fleetwood Mac and Lexus

    9th April 2013
    When was the last time you had a night out on the town with a capitol “N?”


    For me, that big letter-N kinda night happened just yesterday, here in NYC. As part of their “Luxury Out Loud” campaign, Lexus invited me to the Fleetwood Mac concert at Madison Square Garden. Throughout spring and summer, the Japanese car manufacturer is partnering with LiveNation to create unique music experiences in New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles, and they’re inviting bloggers like me to help spread the message. Because let’s face it, you know us bloggers cannot resist a good hashtag.

    Not surprisingly, the iconic band brought their “A” game, with an amazing and inspired performance from the whole crew.

    Stevie Nicks charmed the crowd with her hauntingly beautiful voice and kooky, benevolent wiccan get-up. Lindsay Buckingham wore a sweet leather jacket and ripped the stage up with a guitar solo that had every woman in the garden swooning. Drummers always look like they’re having the most fun of anyone on stage, and Mick Fleetwood was no exception. John McVie rounded out the foursome and appeared to have stolen Jerry’s puffy shirt for this tour (it totally worked).

    The evening, however, was more than just a fun concert.



    {Doing my best Penny Lane impression in front of the LS460}

    A 2013 Lexus LS460 arrived to pick up me and my date for the evening, my friend Hitha, a travel blogger and self-professed Fleetwood Mac, “You don’t understand; Rumors is in the top three albums of my LIFE, Megan” fan. She’s got a thing for Stevie Nicks, while I’m more of a Lindsey Buckingham gal myself.

    As someone who openly identifies herself as “not a car person,” I nevertheless stopped in my tracks as soon as I saw our evening’s chariot waiting on the street. “That is a beautiful piece of machinery,” I whistled under my breath.

    The car hummed to life as we climbed in the back, though it never rose above a low rumble for our entire trip. As with my taste in guys’ style, it is not the loudest or flashiest that impresses me. I appreciate subtlety. Quiet distinction. Intentional design. And most of all, knowing you don’t have to shout to get my attention. Nothing about this car screamed, “I cost more than your college education;” the design and performance simply spoke for itself.


    {Fans walk the Lexus red carpet}

    To me, Luxury Out Loud is about the opportunity to elevate your night out.

    Riding in this beautiful car gave me a reason to wear a beautiful dress and put on heels I’d usually leave at home. All night, I received compliments – or really, credit where credit is due – the dress received compliments.

    And if there was ever an excuse to wear the big floppy boho hat I got months ago and haven’t found the right reason to wear out of the house without feeling silly, it’s “Because I’m going to a Fleetwood Mac concert, and you’re just lucky I’m not wearing a dress full of fringe and carrying around a mic stand overflowing with floaty scarves.”



    {Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham share a moment onstage, and I basically lose it}

    Experiences like these are important not because life’s too short, but too long. Too long to do anything you hate. Too long to do anything you shrug your shoulders at.  Life is too long to wear that sweater that only fits you kind-of-okay for three seasons before you finally throw it out with guilt.

    And life is definitely too long to have “meh” date nights. Relationships get stale so fast when you continually settle for a good-enough night out every Saturday night. Why not go all out, and live each moment, especially with the people you love, with intention?


    Because, let me tell you. Have you ever been to a concert in a big floppy boho hat? …Okay, maybe not the right question to ask this crowd, but I’ve gotta tell you: it’s pretty great. I felt beautiful; I felt special; I felt like I belonged in the back of a Lexus, being chauffeured through this beautiful city I live in – a city that doesn’t always feel quite as special from the vantage point of a crowded bus or subway.

    I didn’t have to dress up, of course but I did. I’ve been to plenty of events at the Garden wearing jeans and sneakers and enjoyed myself just fine. But that’s not what this night was about. This night was about dressing up. This night was about knowing when to make an evening out an event.

    Because it’s not that often that you’re given the opportunity to dress up in life, and it’s worth clutching those chances when you can.

    The whole experience reminded me of why I’m here on Style Girlfriend every day, pounding out the reminder that “Hey guys, it’s worth it to take that extra step to live a life of intention.” Maybe you don’t have access to a driver – or a car for him to drive you around in – but what’s to say you can’t make your own special date night? Put on the suit that makes you feel like a million dollars. Encourage your wife or girlfriend to pull that sparkly number from the back of the closet – the one she usually reserves for New Year’s Eve, and then hit. the. town.

    Elevating your own date experiences is easy enough, if you get creative. Instead of hitting the gym together on Saturday morning for an hour of half-hearted elliptical and SportsCenter, drive somewhere out of town, and go hiking at a park with beautiful views. Drop the kids/dog at the grandparents’/kennel and check in at a hotel. In town. Pretend you’re a duke and duchess.

    Skip a few nights of so-so takeout in favor of a big date night out at a restaurant you’ve been dying to go to. Sure, you could head to the restaurant that’s casual dress in…you know, casual dress – but why not pull out all the stops? You’ll remember the night, and you’ll be remembered. Every guy in the place will wish his date looked as glamorous as yours. Your date will feel special that you gave her a reason to dress up. And yes, you’ll feel pretty great in a suit that makes you feel like a rock star who just came back onstage for an encore.

    Tell me: How will you elevate your next date night out?

    This experience and post was sponsored by Lexus. Opinions expressed are, of course, my own. Please remember, it is partnerships like this one that allow me to continue to pull together the outfits, dole out the advice, and tell the stories you read here every day.

    • hithaonthego

      Thank you for the ultimate date night, Megan. Sri has a lot to live up to :)

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    • average joe

      I love Fleetwood Mac

    • Dave

      I love how you seamlessly blended a sponsored post with some genuinely inspired advice. Hopefully, most readers acknowledge that a few sponsored articles from time to time keep the lights on at SG. But while you could have enjoyed a nice concert and then simply fulfilled your obligation to gush about a nice car, you found an angle that would resonate with your readers who are not necessarily getting invited to events at MSG (sadly). “This night was about knowing when to make an evening out an event.” It comes through in your writing that you were really excited about this experience, and it elevates what could have easily become a paid advertisement into something much more genuine. Keep up the good work!

      Sorry for sounding like someone peer reviewing your essay in freshman English. I just really liked the damn article, OK? haha It also helps that Fleetwood Mac and Lexus are both kind of awesome.

    • Michael Bailey

      This is actually a prescient question. I have a date tomorrow night that I want to make special. However it’s only a 3rd date, so I don’t want to go over the top. Been thinking about it all week. :

      • Style Girlfriend

        Exciting! What did you decide to do??

        • Michael Bailey

          I was planning to invite her over and cook a 3-4 course candle lit dinner, but I had a late night at work and I didn’t have time to do the prep work. We ended up just going out for dinner and playing pool. It was fun, but I didn’t exactly elevate things I suppose. Hopefully that gives me something to shoot for for next time. :)

    • Eric

      I am exceedingly jealous of your night (minus the high heels), it sounds like you had an amazing time!

      Definitely inspired to take life and, any chance I get, add a little pizzaz. Or Style, if you will ;)

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