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    FunctionMEN x Style Girlfriend: More Looks!

    8th February 2013
    Have you been checking out the outfits I styled for FunctionMEN’s “Expert Series” the past few weeks?

    My favorite outfit is above. It’s a look that’s perfect for a dressed-up (but still comfortable) date with your lady. Meaning – yes, you still get to wear jeans. The key is in keeping the shirt underneath the sweater tucked into the pants. Yes, you could leave the tails out, but look how pulled together the model in the pic above looks. Again, yes, he’s in jeans, but he looks more dressed up than a lot of guys I see in sloppy, baggy suits.

    And y’all know I love me a man in a boot.

    Go take a look at all the outfits I styled for FUNCTION, and then let me know:

    What’d you like? What did you really, well, not? And what kind of outfits you’d like to see more of here on Style Girlfriend!
    • Derric

      I like the light sweater, which is something I need for my closet, and the partial sleeve roll! Something for me to try out this weekend.

    • Martin

      I was thinking about the partial sleeve roll after watching all episodes of MadMen for the past few weeks.
      I realy don’t like the tie though. I had to take a realy close look before i found out it wasn’t an alien parasite trying to eat him.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Go check it out up close; there’s actually a fair amount of contrast!

    • Dadwut

      Gah! That crooked belt is KILLING me.

    • Drew J

      The light-weight v-neck solid colored sweater over a button down with the sleeves pushed up like that is basically my uniform on any “cold” day in Houston. It’s become so much my look that my friends make fun of me. But its my look and my girlfriend approves, so I’m happy.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Sounds good to me!

    • Sam

      Not a huge fan of the tie; Maybe a little more contrast there would help it.

      Question: Anyone have a line on good slim-fit V-neck sweaters? I’m a big fan of Peter Milar’s sweaters, but rock climbing has given me enough a V profile that they end up pretty baggy around my waist.

    • TJ

      Yes, please keep the shirt tucked in. I hate how sloppy it looks when it is un-tucked and hanging out of the sweater.

    • hootie

      I agree with your favorite outfit. The others nice except that I HATE the rolled up pants look! HATE it…

      • Style Girlfriend

        I hear you, but you’ve got to show the socks off somehow..

    • Brad Hov

      I have a tall thin build and result is shirts and sweaters that don’t come all the way down on my arms, so like the rolled up sleeve look. question – does that work with both jeans and also with pants like khakis or even dress pants or is this strictly casual look? as far as outfits i’d like to see – i need lots of style help, so anything is great, but interested in things that can work for both office and going out/casual type – things that can get double usage or purpose with little or slight changes.

    • Scott Young

      That tie is still a little weird to me. Not in a bad way, I’m just used to personally using a dark or neutral tie on a loud shirt.

      • Style Girlfriend

        It’s a brave new world – patterns on patterns, oh my..

    • Gare

      Yes this outfit rocks! My favorite. Jeans and boots. :) However, I also agree with hootie. The others are nice, but I’m not quite used to the rolled up pants. But that’s why we’re here, right?…to learn about new looks.

    • Ryan

      I like it! I’d wear this, for sure. The sweater is great. I’d wear the tie with a smaller knot though, and I’m not sure about the shoes, they look a little bulky. It may just be the camera angle.

      • Ryan

        I know what it is, it’s the shoe sole. A little too thick for my tastes. Reminds me of ugg boots.