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    Five Days, Five Ways: Unis “Gio” Chinos

    8th January 2014

    The best pieces in your closet are those you can wear over and over again..even a few times a week, in different ways and without anyone noticing.

    One such item? Chinos.

    Khakis, chinos, just plain old pants…whatever you call them, whether you’re still in school or you work in a relatively casual office, these things probably get a lot of play in your closet. My favorites? Unis New York’s “Gio.” They’re super-duper sturdy, but still feel soft when you put them on. And good news, a bunch of colors are currently on sale. Which is good because, full disclosure, they ain’t cheap. But trust, you know I only push you to spend more on investment items truly worthy of the price tag.

    So check out the primer below on taking them from Monday morning to Friday date night, then head over to find your favorite (on sale!) color:

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    The Pant: UNIS, $198

    And the rest…

    Outfit 1

    Gray Checkered button down: Nordstrom, $50

    Sweater: Lacoste, $66

    Shoes: Stacy Adams “Dalton” oxford, $60

    Belt: Bonobos, $95

    For a normal workday. Start with the dark khakis, a gray checkered button down and a black sweater on top. Finish things off with a pair of black suede wingtip oxfords and a black leather belt. 

    Outfit 2

    Shawlneck Sweater: Gap, $55

    Chukka boot: Seavees “Donahoe,” $80

    Heading to class? Add a blue shawlneck sweater and a pair of clean grey sneaks to keep it casual but pulled together. You’ll be comfy, and with the cold front coming in, still warm enough in your layers (while all your classmates are shivering in t-shirts).

    Outfit 3

    Striped Shirt: J.Crew, $75

    Sneaker: Vans, $45

    This outfit is perfect for an afternoon outing with friends, like bowling, or trying one of those restaurants where they cook right in front of you.  

    Outfit 4

    Henley: Lucky Brand, $38

    Boot: Steve Madden, $100

    Get your errands done in style. Bookend the chinos with a cream-colored thermal henley, and a pair of brown worn in combat boots, for a put-together outfit to run around in.

    Outfit 5

    Sportcoat: Howe: $120

    Dress Shirt: Nordstrom: $20

    Belt: Bonobos: $98

    Chukka Boots: H&M: $50

    Good news, you made it to date night. This one’s easy – a white button down, juniper-colored sportcoat, and (of course) beige suede chukka boots. The coat’s color plays off the khaki color and will make your eyes sparkle over a candlelit dinner. 

    Tell us:

    How do you wear your khakis?

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    • Mathieu Bilal

      Another substitute to those good looking pants are Bills Khakis (also made in the USA, since 1990)
      Available in Standard and Relaxed Fits.

      I love henleys, so Outfit 4 is my favorite; sadly those super sweet Steve Madden boots are no longer available in a size 14. But I could splurge on some blue suede shoes from Varvatos,cat20303,dsw12cat1740150
      Decisions, decisions…

      • Style Girlfriend

        Will have to check out Bills..thanks for the heads up!

    • Wolf

      These look good, especially like the button fly, but the 35″ standard inseam could be a deal breaker for me unless they left a bit of material in the hem to be let out. To anybody that might own these, what makes them better than the $88 option from Bonobos (to date the best fitting pair of pants this hockey-butt owner has ever worn)?

      • Peter Kalogiannis

        The 35″ inseam is meant to be hemmed to your length by a tailor. The taper ends a few inches above that point, so it looks good even with a significantly shorter inseam. I’d say the real difference in these to me is the quality of the construction. These feel like they’re constructed well out of high-grade cotton, something I’m willing to pay a bit more for. Also they’re made in NY, if that’s important to you.

        • Wolf

          That is the problem, in some pants I require a 36″ inseam. I take everything to the tailor anyways. I can only get away with a 35″ if I want 0 break in most cases.

          I am definitely willing to pay more for better materials. I’m good at making cheaper clothes last, but if I can start with something more high quality I will always do so. Made in the USA is not a big deal to me, though I do appreciate it.


          • Peter Kalogiannis

            I guess you’re one of the lucky guys towering over the rest of us! Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of material left in the hem to take them out any further, but if it helps, I’ve got mine hemmed with almost no break, and I think they look best that way.

            • Wolf

              Somewhat, I’m 6’3″ but have the arms and legs of somebody much taller, full chimpanzee time. Thanks for the info.

    • Junior

      In look #5, I’m never sure how I feel about chukkas in that color paired with chinos of a similar color. I’ve worn that look before and it makes me feel as though my legs look like french fries, just one bland color all the way to the floor. However, there is a little bit more contrast in the look you posted.

    • TJ

      I do a lot of the first look, but more with navy or green sweaters and brown shoes.

      • Style Girlfriend

        That would look good too, for sure

    • WideEyesTWBlog

      Out of curiousity/comparison, what makes it worth the $200 for a pair of Unis instead of under $100 for Bonobos or Dockers Alpha? I always saw things like shoes, coats, watches, etc. as good investment pieces, but never heard ‘Chinos’ lumped in there.

      • WideEyesTWBlog

        On the other hand, the looks are solid! I agree with whoever else said the khaki chinos and tan desert boots might be too similar in color, but just swap out a darker color and you’re good to go. Personally, I try to steer away from khaki chinos all the time and use some navy, grey, burgundy or brown (also why I won’t spend $200 a pair). Helps avoid the biz-cas sea of chinos and white/light blue button-downs. Also, navy trousers and burgundy wingtips is one of my favorite combinations. I might have to snag that Henley though…keep it up Megan!

      • Tod C

        The Dockers khakis wear out pretty fast – I am actually cutting chinos out of my wardrobe all together because they start to look crappy too soon. I assume these might last longer and then maybe worth it.

        • WideEyesTWBlog

          Huh…I felt like the Dockers were really solid (actually, that’s what I like in them, opposed to say, J.Crew), and built more like jeans. Then again, I haven’t had them long, so I guess I will have to see! I will say, I’ve heard selvedge chinos last forever, and I’m sure those aren’t cheap either.

          • average joe

            I didn’t know there was such a thing as selvedge chinos

            • WideEyesTWBlog

              Neither did I, but I’ve seen them popping up here and there. If I can find some, I’ll link it here.

        • AJ

          Just wash on delicate cycle and air dry. They will last a lot longer. It is the dryer that messes them up so fast.

          • Tod C

            I do wash them that way (when you are 6’3″ you don’t dry anything). I just find they lose their shape and become kid of shiny fast. Honestly I might be looking for an excuse to get rid of them – the real reason I don’t like them is that all of the other guys wear them (same bias against polo shirts).

            • AJ

              I wish I were 6’3″

            • Tod C

              Except for having a hard time finding clothes long enough it is a real blessing. If any tall guy grouses about the disadvantages of being tall just slap him :-).

            • Mathieu Bilal

              I hear ya, can be a challenge at times; and I have another 6″ on you.

          • WideEyesTWBlog

            Cool, that’s my go-to for all of my laundry except Tees, socks and underwear. Dryers are hell on clothes in general.

    • Matt M

      Hard to imagine spending $200 on chinos when for a fraction of the cost I can pick up Uniqlo or Club Monaco versions which fit great!

      The outfit suggestions are all really good though (except the shirt on 3, but the idea is solid).

      • AJ

        There is a really nice one that is very similar at H&M for $59 (CDN).

    • Chauncey

      I’ve tried these pants. They look nice but are tight in all of the wrong places and are button fly, which is a non-starter for me.

    • jamesnord

      These are hands down the world’s greatest chinos. Bury me in that shit.

    • Big Balls Baller

      Sometimes I feel like a henley is too casual for boots, or anything other than some canvas sneaks…


      I write this as I wear a grey henley with jeans and beezwax clarks chukkas

      • Style Girlfriend

        Oh, I think a henley and boots works really well! (as does a henley and chukkas..I bet you look great!)

      • brianmo95

        I could wear a Henley and boots everyday in the winter. I feel like the boots give the Henley a lift to slightly above casual. It’s like adding bacon to a cheeseburger. Both good, but even better together.

        • Style Girlfriend

          This is an amazing analogy. Thank you. Yes, it’s EXACTLY like that.

    • jbird669

      I get what you are saying and I agree making an investment is ideal. But my dilemma is that, as a single dad, I wear the hell out of my clothes (which is the point). But they often get stains or messed up and I can’t go wash them whenever I need and they often get ruined. How can I better protect my clothes while still living them in?

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