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    15th February 2013
    Guys, did you see?

    I styled a shoot for Dan Trepanier of TSBMen (formerly The Style Blogger), called – appropriately – “A Woman’s Perspective.”

    So cool, right?!

    {TSBMen’s homepage featuring SG!}

    It was great checking out his Lower East Side studio and commandeering his massive wardrobe. We’d never met before (which is crazy in had our paths not crossed yet?!), so I really enjoyed getting to meet him and compare our respective styles.

    And you guys think I have help with Intern Gabi, Dan has THREE young guns working for him – Wes, Alex, and Towni – who were just as well-dressed as Dan. Quite the dapper-looking crew, and it was cool to see how each of them contributes to the site. Just imagine three Intern Gabis, but without the heart slippers, and you’re on the right track.

    {Raiding the studio’s closet}

    I styled Dan in three looks – one casual, one workwear, and one corporate cool.

    Go take a look and let me know what you think of them. Dan was really surprised I picked the Jordans for his weekend/”off-duty” outfit; are you?

    The denim jacket under the sportcoat also ruffled some feathers with his commenters, so I’ll be interested to hear if you’re similarly taken aback by my wanton layering.

    {Our future’s so bright…}

    A big huge thanks to Dan and the TSB team for having me. If you guys like it, hopefully we’ll do more together in the future.
    He and I were super in sync in our perspective on style (which I find is all too rare in the #menswear crowd). We both just want to help guys look their best. End of sentence, period. We want to be inclusive of all styles, without trying to dictate a right or wrong way to dress, or brand to wear. And we definitely don’t want to intimidate anyone out of trying to up their style game. And – duh – we both love Jordans. Great guy, that Dan.
    Tell me: What other looks would you like to see me style with Dan (or on any other willing male for that matter)?
    • Chris Rogers

      My question is where are the belts!?!

      Besides that, I think you put together three great outfits, the denim jacket was a little unusual for me but not a deal breaker and in my opinion it’s still a complete outfit if you didn’t wear that piece.

      • Derric

        If the pants fit, I don’t see why a belt has to be worn.

        • Chris Rogers

          I think it’s that I just like that detail and sometimes they can add some character is all (granted all of these outfits are bursting with character already).

    • Mike Thompson

      I really enjoyed the piece on TSB and all the outfits. I have really been digging the letterman jacket look lately, I have been keeping my eyes open for any that are relatively affordable. I also picked up a Levi’s denim jacket recently and was going to give that look a try. I have seen the denim jacket-under the blazer look a lot and I think its a bold look, but I like it.

    • Jon B

      I’ve always been a fan of Jordans. Never been a fan of their price, but a fan of their look. The article (both here and on Dan’s site) was a good read. Keep up the great work!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks Jon! Yeah, the Jordans are definitely an investment piece..

    • Jonathan

      I think the denim under sport coat can be fine. But the wash of the denim just feels to light to me.

      I know I said it yesterday but it is worth repeating. Megan, those AG pants look fantastic :-)

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks! Yes, I need to make a mental note to wear those more often..

    • ATLien

      I used to wear Jordan’s all the time back in the day !! I’d like to have a pair now, but I think they only look good when perfectly clean and I am hard on my shoes.

      I am now 31, but wore Jordans constantly from 4th grade to 8th grade. Those were the days …… Jordans and my UGA Starter jacket.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Loved my Bucks Starter jacket as a kid. LOVED IT.

        • ATLien

          I’ve made it my personal mission to find a Starter jacket at a Good Will or vintage store now. I’m in the market for either GA Tech (I grew up a UGA fan but went to school at GT) or an Atlanta Braves one.
          I saw a University of Michigan one a couple years ago, and while I liked the Fab Five and Chris Webber owns a home in the town I grew up in, I’ve never even been to the state of Michigan so I’d have been a total poser in it.

    • Rory

      Hmmm my first comment…long time lurker from Ireland so about time I posted. Love both sites, you two have helped me out immeasurably so just wanted to say thanks.

      As for the outfits, Look 1 was cool, love the jacket. Not crazy about the Jordan’s, though I am not a fan of runners/trainers/sneakers/tackies whatever you want to call them anyway. Much prefer nice pair of brogues/boots/loafers/boat shoes.

      Look 2 was ok. I’ve seen Dan rock the denim jacket under a sport coat before and I am not a fan of it.

      Look 3 was perfect. Spot on :-)

      Oh and those pants you are wearing in that shoot are killer.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Happy to have you Rory! Glad you liked at least some of what I threw together for Dan :)

        And lots of people are digging the AG Jeans I was wearing – I just went and picked up a pair in velvet..seems like it was a good decision!

        • Rory

          Definitely! :-)

    • Alexander

      Don’t really like ‘flashy and chunky’ sneakers but the Jordans actually didn’t bother me too much, as Mr. Thompson already said the denim jacket was a bold look but generally something very dependant on the person. As for the suit, well – “Every man looks good [or better] in a well fitting suit”, haha.

    • Crane

      2 of my favorite style bloggers. Awesome post. Loved the outfit choices. Definitely opened up some ideas I wouldnt have thought to attempt and also drove home some style fundamentals. Plus, I have to agree with previous comments…you are killing it in those pants.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks Eric! Definitely want to do more with Dan in the future.

    • TJ

      I’ve never been a fan of Jordans. I stick to classic converse for tennis shoes/sneakers. I really like the third look. I’m having a shirt made in that color and I never thought of a dark purple tie to go with it. Until now, that is.

    • Ryan

      The varsity jacket & jeans looks sweet. The Jordans and rolled-up jean cuffs make Dan look shorter though I think, it’s not a clean silhouette.
      The denim jacket is an interesting move, I’d like to see how it looks with a few buttons done up. As it stands, I’ll need convincing. If the wearer has the confidence to pull it off then maybe it can work.
      Suit looks great! Belt?

    • Kevin Reed

      My two favorite style bloggers working together made my day. I hope you and the TSBMen team work together in the future, because it was awesome to see what you came up with!

    • kellen owenby

      I love all the looks; especially the business casual. A denim jacket should fit snug like a cardigan and can therefore be worn under a sports coat (in my opinion)! Also, I love breaking out my Nike Dunks as a change of pace every now and then. When done tastefully, they always turn some heads…

    • K

      hey style girlfriend. What kinda Jordan’s are those and where can I find them to buy online or anywhere? I love the way you incorporated them into the overall look.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Not totally sure to be honest! But glad you like them :)

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