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    Featured on: Creativity Decoded

    21st February 2013

    Recently, Aaron Yeboah of 2 Dots, a visual platform for art and creaitivity, asked me to contribute to his project, Creativity Decoded.

    He asked a simple, but totally subjective, question: What is your definition of creativity?

    After considering all the metaphor-heavy, intense responses, complete with flow charts and stick figure drawings, I wound up going for the simple, “…at the heart of it” answer. Which is that, since growing up and knowing that a wooden stick could be a magic wand, and a fort made under our dining room table could be my castle, that creativity is about honing the skill of entertaining oneself.

    Now that stick is a keyboard, and the fort is the big (sometimes bad) internet. And I’m so happy that the things I want to write about are the things you like to read about.

    Read my response in full (it won’t take long) here and click around to a few other interesting folks’ take on creativity.

    Then tell me: what’s YOUR definition of creativity?

    • Chris Rogers

      For me creativity is finding innovative solutions to unique problems I face in the engineering world and everyday life.

      • average joe

        very true

    • average joe

      Creativity is whatever activity you do to relax yourself and burn off stress, no matter how tired or busy you are.

      That said, creativity is innate to our inner beings, it is part of the un-explainable part of us. Which is why, when creativity is our livelihood we struggle with people rejecting our “art” whatever that may be, because we have put a little piece of us “up for sale” – for public evaluation. And finding the balance of “just because people didn’t appreciate my art this time when they did last time”, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate me as a person. I suppose this explains why so many artists, Van Gogh to J. D. Salinger, to Billy Corgan, struggle with their public persona and end up classified as eccentric.

    • kellen owenby

      Creativity is coming up with problems and solving them in fun ways. You don’t have to take the obvious road from Point A to Point B. Creativity is finding your own way to Point B.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Agreed! I almost never take the obvious road (though maybe because it’s almost never obvious to me?)

    • HelloNurse

      Creativity is your limitless mind meeting the authenticity in your heart.

    • Dan from Wisconsin

      Creativity is discovering something that no one could have possibly told you.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I love these! Keep ‘em coming

      • Chris Rogers

        I really like this definition!

    • PGurung

      For me creativity is finding the best way to tell a story through subtleties. It doesn’t matter if it’s one frame or 24 per second.

    • Alexander

      I think creativity is some form of communication – of expressing yourself or a part of yourself by doing something you like, by – at it’s core ‘creating something’ – be it through arts like photography, art, music, poetry, dance, film making or things like cooking and building things. It is also something abstract, outside of the box. And it builds connections, possibly stronger connections than ones based on mere words or superficialities.

    • Ryan

      Some thoughtful contributions here.

      “Freedom from the mind,” to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, is a definition of creativity I like. My best creative ideas comes to me in the morning after I’ve just woken up, slurping the mandatory coffee. My thoughts are fresh and uncluttered.

    • Zachary

      Answering questions nobody has ever asked before.