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    The Fall Trench Every Guy Needs in his Closet

    11th November 2013

    You guys remember that I partnered with Timberland to show off my favorite fall essentials in the November issue of Esquire.

    Well, I wanted to share a few equally stylish outtakes with you. A little “behind the scenes” fashion action, as it were. My good friend CB (a well-dressed dude in his own right) played model for me all over Soho way back in August – so long ago now! – pretending cool weather had arrived…when in fact the temperature hovered around the 80s that day.


    Revisiting the heritage brand for the shoot, it was great to see all that Timberland has to offer today for both men and women – way more than the ubiquitous 6″ yellow boot we remember from our youth (I had it, you had it, we all had it). From slim-fitting trenches to great-looking leather boots, the brand is definitely moving in a more refined, style-conscious direction these days.


    We shot a few looks you didn’t see in the magazine, and this was my other favorite of the day – a beltless trench over dark jeans and a light blue OCBD.

    A khaki-colored jacket like this is such a great fall option for a guy. It’s not quite an overcoat, not quite a mac. Which is why it works so well both over work clothes and weekend clothes.

    One of the biggest “easy wins” for guys when it comes to their closet is to invest in really great outerwear, because it makes the rest of your outfit look at least 7x more expensive. It’s a mathematical fact.

    And despite the bad rep Seinfeld gave the style, the beltless trench is surprisingly modern-looking, and definitely super stylish.

    style-girlfriend-timberland-3{love the tab closure up top}

    Sure, you can wear this coat to work and feel like a total smokeshow in tailored business casual. That always looks good. But if you need to dash to the store on a Saturday morning, you can throw the same jacket over a white v-neck tee, sweats and a pair of not-too-scuffed up sneakers and be out the door in two minutes flat. Easy.

    Get the look(s):

    On CB: Earthkeepers Bullbuck Trench Coat // Earthkeepers Tremont Boot

    On SG: Earthkeepers Rudston Waterproof Trench Coat // Earthkeepers Trenton Tall Waterproof Boot

    Tell me:

    What’s your go-to coat for fall?

    Presented by Timberland and Style Coalition. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Style Girlfriend possible // Photos by James Nord

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    • ilyac

      Trench coats tend to stop somewhere around the mid-thigh, which on a shorter guy like me is no bueno.
      My go to fall coat is my navy peacoat, which goes down to my waist. I’ve always wanted a trench coat, but unfortunately any long coat just does not work on me.

      • Joshua

        You mean hips, instead of waist. Waist is around your navel.

        • ilyac

          Yup, that sounds completely more accurate.

    • Eric

      A nice trench is definitely on my wishlist. That, and a nice brown leather jacket and I’ll be set as far as outerwear goes.

    • average joe

      Style Question: If I’m wearing a double-breasted suit jacket, is it okay to wear a single breasted overcoat? (and vice-versa?)

      • The Future

        The overcoat should be buttoned (since the “official” function is to protect the suit and keep you warm while maintaining the lines and silhouette and patterns and #menswear), so it shouldn’t be an issue if you were concerned about how it would look. If you’re going for a devil may care look, then what does it matter.

    • Barron

      CB! Nice outtakes.

      I feel the same as @disqus_Sm8mpOmsbI:disqus most days, in that a trench is too long on me (I’m 5’9″) unless it stops at or a little above mid-thigh. C Benj is like 7’4″ so naturally, it fits him well.

      As far as the jacket itself though, looks dope. I like the casual styling and it seems relatively slim.

    • Gabriel

      I ordered this on your advice. I’m 6’0″ and usually wear a medium in outerwear, but when it arrived I felt like I was swimming in it. So I returned it and ordered the small. I still felt like a kid wearing dad’s coat. Just a head’s up, the sizing on this coat is whack.

      • Style Girlfriend

        That’s interesting! I’m pretty sure CB had a large on, but maybe he’s more broad in the shoulders? But good to know, thank you! Are you having it tailored to fit more snugly? I hope so!