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    Extra Effort: Rolling Your Short Sleeves

    8th May 2013
    It’s Wednesday, which means Intern Gabi is here to drop some youthful knowledge on us. Are you ready?


    Of all the Spring Essentials, the short sleeve button up is at the top of my watch list. As in my stalking-guys-who-wear-them watch list. They are the perfect overlapping section of a Venn diagram between long sleeve button up and basic tee, so it’s hard not to fall in love with these shirts.

    Picture 6

    But there’s a little something extra you guys can do that makes this already awesome shirt so000 much better. I’m not sure why, but there is something so undeniably attractive about rolling up short sleeves.

    It could be the little glimpse of where the deltoid meets the bicep exposed by a higher sleeve, or it could be the bad boy vibe it gives off, even without the pack of cigarettes stuffed inside. Whatever it is, rolling the sleeves takes this style of shirt from Dwight to James Dean. It even looks good with regular tees!

    Since the short sleeve button up is going to be a regular in your spring and summer wardrobe (if it’s not already) I put together a sleeve rolling guide, inspired by SG’s Guide to Rolling Shirtsleeves. Just follow the steps in the pics below and voilà, you’ll be a spiffy springtime stud.

    There are two ways to roll: neat and disheveled.

    1. Cuff the sleeve with the hem of the fabric


    2. Roll once, keeping the same width of the sleeve hem


    ^ And that’s it! ^
    1. Roll tightly and haphazardly (approx. 3 rolls)



    There you have it! Now you know how to take your short sleeve button up to the next level.

    Tell Me,

    Have you rolled your short sleeved shirts? What other small styling tricks do you use?