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    Everybody’s Day Off: Labor Day Style

    dressing for the holiday you actually worked for

    Even for those of us no longer enjoying the magic that is school’s summer vacation, Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer mentality. It’s a holiday that celebrates all of us who have been working all year – summer included – but, deep down, you can’t help think but think of the Labor Day weekends of your youth, spent scrambling to finish all of your summer reading and copying your smarter friend’s math packet.

    This makes the Monday break from work extra sweet, so you know you *have* to celebrate accordingly.

    But, what constitutes as “celebrating accordingly”? Unlike Christmas, Easter or Halloween, Labor Day doesn’t mean traveling cross country to spend time with your family, worshipping anything, or dressing up as a sexy cat. So what are you supposed to do?

    Below, find the best ways to spend your government-mandated day off that celebrates your contributions from all of your days on:


    Boardshorts: RVCA, $42 | Tank: Altamont, $21 | Hoodie: Arbor, $34

    Sunglasses: Carrera, $70 | Flip Flops: Reef, $48 | Sunscreen: Hawaiian Tropic, $11

    This may be your last long weekend of the year that you can make it down the shore before your local beach turns into The Shining with a tide. Get there while it’s still in full swing, and really soak. up. that. sun. (with sunscreen, of course.)



    Shirt: Tavic, $36 | Jeans: Hudson, $165

    Belt: Torino, $32 | Sunglasses: Smith, $84 | Shoes: Clarks, $120


    You worked hard for the right to brunch on a weekday. You deserve it, and so do all of your friends. Celebrate together, all day long.



    Shirt: Arbor, $42 | Shorts: Cycle, $103

    Hat: Perry Ellis, $30 | Socks: Falke, $11 | Shoes: Sperry Topsider, $60

    In case you’re one of those people who can’t not work, plan, organize and implement festivities for your friends. These shorts are the perfect shade to accidentally spill BBQ sauce on, just in case you spill BBQ sauce.



    Sweatshirt: MooseJaw, $40| Shorts: Puma, $31

    Tee: Banana Republic, $25 | Socks: Vans, $13 (for 3 pairs) | Sandals: Adidas, $30


    Because if you’re really going to celebrate national day-off-of-work the American way, you’re blasting the air conditioning, trekking from your bedroom to the den, and melting into the couch while you tune into one of these TV marathons and not move all day.

    Tell Us:

    How do you plan to celebrate Labor Day? 

     Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my vacation…back on Tuesday!

    • Junior

      Shorts and sweatshirt season FTW

      • gabi meyers

        This majorly cozy term needs to replace the current, depressingly-awkward-and-self-aware name of “Pre-Fall”

        • Justin

          I’m going home… to my parents home this weekend, I packed two sweatshirts and 3 pairs of shorts. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees. I don’t care.

          • http://www.stylegirlfriend.com Style Girlfriend

            Sounds like you’ve got all you need, Justin!

      • TJ

        Love it. I used to hate that look but I have definitely come around. Shorts & Sweatshirt season is about as close as we get to fall/winter in Florida.

    • average joe

      Coach loafing absolutely requires white tube socks pulled all the up!

    • Tod C

      I am doing more of the long sleeved shirts, rolled up sleeves and shorts thing and really liking the backyard BBQ look – must less Dilberty. This weekend is spent watching sports (English Premier League in the morning and off to an Ottawa Fury NASL game in the evening) and generally chilling out in preparation for the first day of school. So my style is decided for Saturday, black soccer strip, shorts, plain ball cap and Converse Jack Purcells.

      • gabi meyers

        Sounds like a great look! I thought about doing a ball cap with the BBQ look – I didn’t find the right one, bu it definitely makes it more sporty which is perfect for your plans!

        • Tod C

          No you did well – the hat is great. I wear the ball cap to watch soccer matches with the other hooligans mostly to encourage the kids to wear a hat!

    • Joshua

      White panama hat, white linen shirt, khaki, sneakers.

      • http://www.stylegirlfriend.com Style Girlfriend

        Sounds like a good look!

    • ImThatGuyYouDontKnow

      You and your white jeans haha

    • Micheline Drebert

      Appears to be like an excellent look! I believed about doing a football cap with the BBQ look – I missed the right one, bu it definitely creates it more fantastic which is ideal for your plans!Indiana Jones leather jacket replica