Dress French: Why You Should Own Fewer Clothes, and Wear Them More Often

    own fewer clothes
    I wore the same pair of jeans three days last week.

    One day, I paired my high-waisted, black Naked & Famous skinny jeans with wedges and a button-up. The next, with gray heels and a white sequined top from Madewell (a steal after Christmas at half off!), and the day after that with a blazer and scoop-neck tee.

    At no point did I hear, “Um, Megan…didn’t you wear those jeans yesterday?”

    Because as much as we all like to assume the world revolves around us and our sublime wardrobe choices – no one actually thinks about what you’re wearing as much as you do.

    I noticed this phenomenon when I lived in France my junior year of college. My French friends always looked chic, though I knew none of them had many extra euros to spend on clothes. Was it just because I lived in the south of France yet couldn’t bring myself to give up my navy blue Penn State sweatpants? You know, the ones every girl in college had, the ones with the animal mascot’s paw prints on the butt? Yeah, those.

    Sure, that was part of it.

    One friend would bust out this très chic leather blazer for class..maybe once on Tuesday, and again on Thursday. Always in different outfit combinations. Another had a pair of tall boots that looked great tucked into jeans, or worn with a skirt, or dress.

    Am I suggesting you invest in riding boots, a leather blazer, and high-waisted skinny jeans? No, but I am saying that if you want to wear that blue OCBD twice in one week – once under a sweater, once with jeans and sneakers, go for it. Women will notice that you look nice, not that you’re repeating basics.

    This doesn’t mean I’m letting you off the hook for putting thought and care into your outfits each day – quite the opposite really. I think it’s better to repeat clothes in your closet – really great, quality clothes that you know you look and feel great in – rather than rack your brain to pull together a totally new outfit each day of the week.

    Tell me: What quality basics gets repeat wearings in your wardrobe each week?