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    Guys: Do You Shop With Your Wife or Girlfriend?

    Reader’s Shopping Experience: Shop With Your Wife Or Girlfriend

    Because my readers are awesome (evidence here, here and here), I was not at all surprised to hear from Alex M. recently.

    Alex won my Calypso St. Barth giveaway for his awesome, thoughtful response about what he’d buy his lady with the gift card to the luxe women’s clothing store.

    He emailed me with a thank you and a pic of the swag he and his lady picked up:

    {So glittery!}

    Here’s what Alex had to say about his shopping experience with Abby, his lovely significant other:

    Hi Megan,

    I received the gift card and found out I could only use it in store, so we went to the store in Marin and it was really nice.

    Abby loved how the clothing felt, she got the clutch/bag and three shirts. She fell in love with this place, I’m pretty sure she’ll be going back soon.

    Thanks for everything and for introducing her to a new store. 😀 Have a great day!

    Like I said, you guys are the greatest.
    Tell me:
    Do you go shopping with your wife/girlfriend/mail-order bride?

    I find the trope of “guy holding woman’s purse while she shops for hours” trope so tiresome, so I hope that’s not true for you guys. I’m not saying you need to be re-enacting a Shop Til You Drop episode, but I hope that you can have some fun together and support one another in looking for clothes that you think look great on the other!