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    College Guy Style: Job Hunting Part II

    Last week, we talked about what college guys should wear to career fairs, informational sessions with companies, and – ultimately (hopefully?) to a job interview.

    I gave examples from lookbooks for each career-sorting situation, but I thought it would be useful to pull together three totally new outfits, using clothes from brands and stores where college guys are probably already shopping, like Banana Republic, Asos, and Aldo.

    Take a look, then tell me:

    Guys – of all ages! – what do you wear when you’re job hunting? What was your best interview outfit?





    Info Session:

    Shirt: J.Crew, $88
    Pants: Brooks Brothers, $90
    Tie: Nordstrom, $50
    Tie Clip: The Tie Bar, $15
    Belt: Topman, $24
    Shoes: J.Crew, $158

    Career Fair:

    Shirt: Michael Kors, $60
    Pants: Banana Republic, $160
    Jacket: River Island, $150
    Tie: 1901, $40
    Tie Clip: The Tie Bar, $30
    Belt: Merona, $20
    Shoes: Calvin Klein, $98

    Job Interview:

    Shirt: Merona, $18
    Pants (part of suit): ASOS, $88 
    Jacket (part of suit): ASOS, $180
    Tie: Nordstrom, $50
    Tie Clip: The Tie Bar, $15
    Belt: John Varvatos, $75
    Shoes: Aldo, $100