Cold Weather Guys’ Style: The Perfect Puffer Coat

    Mens Puffer Vests and Jackets

    My walk to and from the subway usually clocks in at a solid twelve minutes. Enough for a catch-up conversation with an old friend, one act of a favorite podcast…or lately, for my toes to become completely frozen. Like, desperately googling “How do you know if you have frostbite?” when I get home, type of frozen.

    It’s at times like these that a puffer vest or jacket feels just about perfect. A vest for layering under a more professional overcoat, or a coat with sleeves for when you’re really not messing around. No matter which way you wear it, the puffer is truly a winter wardrobe essential.

    Get the Look:

    (Top row, left to right)

    Black Jacket: Obey Black Out Puffer: $150

    Navy/Green Vest: AE Puffer Vest: $29

    Maroon Jacket: Zara Puffer: $120

    Canvas Vest: True Religion Puffer Vest: $228

    (Bottom row, left to right)

    Chambray/Check Vest: SLVDR Insulated Puffer Vest: $67

    Black Wanton Jacket: Diesel Wanton Puffer: $398

    Blue Vest: AE Puffer Vest: $29

    Wool Vest: Gant Rugger Puffer Vest: $188

    Tell us:

    Are you a puffer vest/jacket guy? Why or why not?

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