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    Cheers to 2013, A Banner Year

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    Can you believe we’re about to flip to a new year on the calendar?!

    I have learned SO much this year – about running a business, about my strengths and limitations as an entrepreneur, a writer, and a human being relating to other human beings when she puts pants on and leaves the house.

    The highlight of all the elbow grease put into Style Girlfriend continues to be the amazing community that’s developed from it. You guys are why I get up every morning (and stay up late keeping at it each night). In the new year, I’m super-crazy focused on expanding the site, and bringing more SG goodness to you.

    For me, I want to concentrate on thinking big picture, rather than thinking tomorrow, or the end of the week. I also want to learn more the lesson of delegating. I have a tendency to live by the mantra “if you want something done well, do it yourself,” and that is not quite a formula for scale, yknowwhatimsaying?

    style girlfriend, menswear, street style, megan collins

    style girlfriend, megan collins, menswear, street style

    {Loving this (faux) fur neckwarmer from LOFT. A perfect post-holiday surprise for the lady in your life!}

    I also found this year that when I got out from behind my computer, amazing things happened, so as silly as it sounds, another goal of mine for 2014 is to get out more. Please hold me to that!

    And because it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I thought I’d share what an amazing reader recently let me know what SG means to him:
    You know, I’ve always wanted a pair of those Clarks desert boots you preach about.  However, I have a wide foot and was hesitant to buy them, but after some research, decided to give it a shot.  Guess what?  While snug, they are extremely comfortable! When I wore them to work, (I’m the only guy in my office) one of the women immediately said, ‘Hey did you get new boots?  I like them and they look really comfortable.’  Someone complimenting me?  Thanks to Megan of course
    …and I remember reading where you once said going to a slimmer fit may not feel right at first, but guess what?  You’re finally wearing clothes that fit properly.  Now, almost one year after making the switch from my 90’s baggy slacks and jeans, I totally agree with you!  Admittedly sometimes when I have to squat down while wearing my slacks, it does kind of feel like they’ll split right down my crack (sorry too graphic), but so far no embarrassing moments!


    I love it. Really. I seriously LOVE it. Because you guys mean so much to me, it would mean the world to me if you let me know one thing SG helped you with this year. Clothing-wise, confidence-wise, work-wise, whatever! And it’s not just for the warm and fuzzies..knowing what has helped you on the site helps me know what to focus on more in 2014!

    So let’s hear it:

    What was your biggest win (style or otherwise) this year?

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    Thanks all. See you January 6!