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    Cheers to 2013, A Banner Year

    25th December 2013

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    Can you believe we’re about to flip to a new year on the calendar?!

    I have learned SO much this year – about running a business, about my strengths and limitations as an entrepreneur, a writer, and a human being relating to other human beings when she puts pants on and leaves the house.

    The highlight of all the elbow grease put into Style Girlfriend continues to be the amazing community that’s developed from it. You guys are why I get up every morning (and stay up late keeping at it each night). In the new year, I’m super-crazy focused on expanding the site, and bringing more SG goodness to you.

    For me, I want to concentrate on thinking big picture, rather than thinking tomorrow, or the end of the week. I also want to learn more the lesson of delegating. I have a tendency to live by the mantra “if you want something done well, do it yourself,” and that is not quite a formula for scale, yknowwhatimsaying?

    style girlfriend, menswear, street style, megan collins

    style girlfriend, megan collins, menswear, street style

    {Loving this (faux) fur neckwarmer from LOFT. A perfect post-holiday surprise for the lady in your life!}

    I also found this year that when I got out from behind my computer, amazing things happened, so as silly as it sounds, another goal of mine for 2014 is to get out more. Please hold me to that!

    And because it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I thought I’d share what an amazing reader recently let me know what SG means to him:
    You know, I’ve always wanted a pair of those Clarks desert boots you preach about.  However, I have a wide foot and was hesitant to buy them, but after some research, decided to give it a shot.  Guess what?  While snug, they are extremely comfortable! When I wore them to work, (I’m the only guy in my office) one of the women immediately said, ‘Hey did you get new boots?  I like them and they look really comfortable.’  Someone complimenting me?  Thanks to Megan of course
    …and I remember reading where you once said going to a slimmer fit may not feel right at first, but guess what?  You’re finally wearing clothes that fit properly.  Now, almost one year after making the switch from my 90′s baggy slacks and jeans, I totally agree with you!  Admittedly sometimes when I have to squat down while wearing my slacks, it does kind of feel like they’ll split right down my crack (sorry too graphic), but so far no embarrassing moments!


    I love it. Really. I seriously LOVE it. Because you guys mean so much to me, it would mean the world to me if you let me know one thing SG helped you with this year. Clothing-wise, confidence-wise, work-wise, whatever! And it’s not just for the warm and fuzzies..knowing what has helped you on the site helps me know what to focus on more in 2014!

    So let’s hear it:

    What was your biggest win (style or otherwise) this year?

    style girlfriend 2013, style girlfriend, megan coll


    Thanks all. See you January 6!

    • hithaonthego

      I have a win (for my husband) – thanks to your blog, he finally started opting for slim cut trousers which look AMAZING on him. So thank you, because without your “unbiased” opinion he would have remained in so-baggy-he’s-swimming-in-them pants.

      Thank you also for being such an incredible friend. I need to start “getting out there” more as well – I’ll keep you accountable if you do the same for me!

      How about revisiting that hip hop class again? We’ll go to the ULTIMATE beginner one – I promise :)

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ha! I almost mentioned that as one of the resolutions I kept ..but also basically failed at :) If you can find one that really TRULY is beginner, I’ll go! (maybe one for small children? I could probably keep up with them..)

    • Dave Coakley

      Best wishes for 2014 you’re doing a great job mate.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks Dave! Happy holidays!

    • Bob

      The biggest thing for me was the post about taking compliments. Because as an SG reader, compliments come more often now :) So you taught me to just say thank you, and not say ” oh this old thing”

      Merry Christmas, and keep on keeping on!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Awesome!! I need to go back and re-read that post myself sometimes :) so glad to hear it helped you too

    • Mr. Everyday Dollar

      Megan – it was so great to finally meet you! Happy new year, and keep up the amazing work transforming and improving us guys (and not just our wardrobes)!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Yes! Likewise!! And I need your lasagna recipe!!!

    • andrewjking

      One thing I love about SG is that I can actually afford the things you recommend. I’ve given up on looking at GQ, because $500 for a shirt is way beyond reasonable to me.

      • Adam

        I still read GQ, but would never buy what I see, I take ideas and find things that I like that are affordable. I do like the fact that most selections here are done for real people and packaged in a more accessible way for us to push our limits… Hopefully next year is bigger and better for SG! I also love the fact that there’s some venturing outside of clothes, into lifestyle factors in looking good, a more wholistic approach

      • Style Girlfriend

        That’s great feedback, thank you Andrew! I definitely want to make the site as much of a USABLE resource for you guys, and not just a dream wardrobe / “wouldn’t it be great to own..” inspiration destination, so I’m glad you like that aspect of it :)

    • AL-MO

      I think the biggest (style) thing I’ve learned this year is the importance of fit. That and not spending money on pieces that are ‘just okay’ when I try them on. They probably aren’t going to get any better when you get home. And its better to spend money on stuff that you actually like and works for you.

      2013 was a good year…..but 2014 will be even better. I can feel it!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love it! The importance of positivity AND an optimistic attitude about the new year – both good :)

        • AL-MO

          2014 is a year that’s been coming for me for a while. 2013 was a year of new experiences and getting a few things in order. Now that things are somewhat in order and I’ve got my feet wet in some things it’s time to have some fun!

          BTW – Some nice pics of you in this thread!

      • Steve J

        I totally agree with this. I used to buy so many things that I didn’t love just because I’d only get out a few times a year to shop so I felt obligated to bring something new home. Now i’m constantly on the look out for things to add to the wardrobe. One big change for me this year is trying to get out of the comfort zone when buying new pieces – avoid buying things similar to what you already have, and instead venture into things a little different which can really add a pop to an outfit.

        • Style Girlfriend

          Nice! What was your favorite thing you bought this year that made your outfits pop?

          • Steve J

            In a word – Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! On top of that, given the winter season, added more sweaters into the mix as well – I have an addiction to shawl necks at the moment.

    • Molly & Holly

      I LOVE that faux fur scarf!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Ooooh girls, I’m livin’ in it.

    • Alexander

      Biggest win? In general, probably the setting up and organizing a 90 day trip with a road trip in the U.S. after my baccalaureate next year. Also, having an old friend I’ve known for seven years randomly get back at me. (partially didn’t have any contact because his girlfriend was quite restrictive – and that’s putting it nicely)
      I’ll actually be driving up North tomorrow to visit him for New Year’s.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Have fun with your friend, and on your road trip!!

    • Tod C

      It was going classic. I got my wardrobe functional early in the year and now I am going for higher quality classic pieces to gradually upgrade. Shoes were also big – I switched to high quality leather shoes anytime that athletic shoes weren’t required and nothing transforms a look better, Finally I upgraded my jeans and I am wearing them much more now.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love ALL these answers!! Thank you for sharing, Tod!

    • TJ

      Congrats on a great year. My biggest win was getting my first adult job after college.

      Stylistically, it’s probably finally starting to figure out the kind of style I like. I had a lot of good pieces before but they were such a hodge podge of different styles. I finally figured out what I like and what works for me.

      • Style Girlfriend


      • ThomasRankin

        Hey TJ. Would love to hear more about your transition from college style to ‘find my first damn job’ style. It’s an important part of a guy’s style evolution.


        • TJ

          To tell you the truth, not much has changed. I used to work retail in college, so I had the suits and business casual style down. My office has a pretty laid back dress code so I didn’t have to change much for it.
          The only thing that has changed really is focusing on a more consistent style, though I don’t know if that has much to do with my transition.

          • ThomasRankin

            Thanks for the response TJ. Sounds like you were ahead of the curve coming out of college owing to sartorially-related employment. Lucky for you. -T

    • Spencer Jenkins

      This year was when I really started paying attention to my style. Sites like SG have been my manual/bible for this transition and it’s been amazing. I get so many more compliments than I used to. I also feel like I’ve found what I consider “my style”, the clothes I’m comfortable in and feel like a million bucks when wearing them. Also, Clarks Desert Boots. How’d I live without ‘em?

      • Style Girlfriend

        I LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing, Spencer! And yeah, the Clarks boots are a revelation, right??

    • Justin

      What was the biggest thing you have helped me with this passed year? It’s not really one thing so much as its like having a really stylish friend to bounce ideas off constantly. I’ve used 90% of yours and Gabby’s “Wear It Well”‘s because it lets me see things in ways I didn’t earlier… try a turtleneck under a blazer for example… Different types of shoes with different pants and outfits.. the ideas are there and I use them. So thank you!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love it, glad to have you as a reader, Justin!!

    • Derric

      My biggest win style-wise this year was bringing just about all of my wardrobe to a tailor. Most notably, my button-up shirts. Second place goes to adding new suits to my closet, or completing three-piece sets for a couple of suits I already had.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES! Every guy should have a tailor on speed dial. And a (final) yes to the suits! Can’t wait to see ‘em in future OOTW competition :)

        • Derric

          One of my new year’s resolutions will be to get more full body pictures taken when I go out (so I have pictures for SG OOTW submissions).

    • Justan Otherguy

      Win: Finding you!

      • Style Girlfriend

        I like that one!

    • average joe

      My first reason for reading SG everyday is for the clothing advice, of which I have bought and wear many of Megan’s recommendations. But SG is more than just clothes, it’s really about style and how your personal style reaches beyond clothes to other parts of your life: gifts for friends and family, wellness, grooming etc.

      Because of SG, I’ve been able to find quality, affordable clothing pieces and some pretty cool gifts for my friends. Here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of the stylish things Megan has recommended over the years that I bought for myself or for a friend after reading about it on SG: Ivan Ramen Book, Frank Clegg wallet, Dr. Scholl’s boots, Charles Tyrwhytt shirt, Sprectre and Co Shirt, Harry’s Shaving products.

      I’m sure there are more, but I’ve been reading SG for 3 years now so I’m sure I’ve missed a few things. Happy New Year Megan (and interns)!

    • StyleDad

      Yo, I still refer to that sleeve rolling guide you posted back in the day. Game changer.

    • jbird669

      Just dressing more adult and more conscious helps me stand out from others at work and socially. It is a confidence booster (and I consider myself pretty confident already!). Your site helps with this, so thank you!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love it! Thanks for sharing!!

    • ThomasRankin

      When my cofounder and I decided to start Dash Hudson in September, my first mission was to find the best bloggers talking about men’s style. Megan’s voice resonated strongly with us because we also believe it’s about finding stuff you know you’ll look good in more than being ‘fashionable’.

      SG is a constant barometer for us and so our biggest style win was finding you Megan! We’ve also been able to connect with hundreds of stylists over the past few months and are thankful for all who commit to the mission of helping dudes look good.

      Keep leading the charge, Megan.


      • Style Girlfriend

        Thanks Thomas! Looking forward to reconnecting with you in the new year