• In Celebration of Seasonal Sipping

In Celebration of Seasonal Sipping

6th December 2013

There’s almost nothing we love more than a seasonally appropriate beverage. Melting in a summer swelter? A refreshing Arnold Palmer will cool your brow and quench your thirst. Got a chill from fall weather creeping in? Some mulled wine will cure what ails you.

Which is why, in this season of celebration, your beverage of choice should be as festive as your best holiday party outfit.

We’ve whipped up a nice peppermint-inspired cocktail for you to mix up at your next shindig.


Wintery Russian

2 parts Reyka vodka
1 part Peppermint Schnapps
1 part Kahlúa
3 parts milk 


Fill a glass with ice.

Add the vodka, peppermint schnapps and Kahlúa.

Top off with milk.

Take a sip!

white_russian (1 of 1)

Of course, a man’s bartending skills are only as good as his wares. What you use to make your cocktails can make (or break) a drink. So stock up on cool glasses, cocktail shakers, whiskey stones and the like before your next party.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 5.28.03 AM


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What’s your favorite drink for the holiday season?

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  • Mathieu Bilal

    This time of the year if I’m not drinking porters and stouts. In my hand is most definitely a nice 12-16 yr scotch or spicy bourbon, neat only; sometimes a double.

    • Drew J

      I’m about the same. When it’s cold out, pretty much my only options are porters and stouts and scotch. At least at home. Maybe a cab if the wife wants to split a bottle.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Talk of scotch never fails to make me think (fondly) of Ron Burgundy… “Scotch scotch scotch!”

        (Anyone else as excited as I am for Anchorman 2?!)

        • Drew J

          About 70% of the time when I pour myself a glass (which is about 4 or 5 nights a week) I sing that to myself.

          So yes, I’m excited for Anchorman 2

          • Style Girlfriend

            Glad it’s not just me :)

          • Wolf

            So about 70% of the time you sing to yourself every time?

        • scott

          I know what someone needs for Christmas:

  • Wolf

    I have a version of this I make for Christmas parties (which I’m glad you posted this, I think I need to run to the liquor store after work), but mine substitutes egg nog for milk, and I put a little cinnamon in if people want.

    • gabi meyers

      Oooo cinnamon sounds like a nice touch! When we taste-tested, we dunked gingersnaps in it

  • Baxter

    Tough to pick. This is the time of year the lighter cocktails get a break and the heavier whiskey drinks settle in. So Manhattan’s become my go-to weekday quickly made drink. Warms the tummy and not much work. For complicated drinks, I’d say a strong wintry sazerac is my favorite for the season because not only is it big and warm, but the anise/absinthe rinse smells festive.

    But if I have to pick 1 for this season in particular, it’s been the Hot Toddy. It’s sweeping my house by storm, because of its medicinal benefits. With my little guy bringing home all sorts of daycare plagues, Hot Toddies are winning the season. How I’ve been doing it:

    Cover the bottom of the mug with honey
    Squeeze in the juice of quarter or half a lemon
    2 oz Whiskey
    Pour in the hot tea
    Cinnamon stick for extra credit but not needed

    Gives me a couple hours break from cold symptoms, makes me feel human again, and sends me right to bed! Lot’s of home remedies wrapped into one hot mug.

    • gabi meyers

      That drink sounds very accomplished, but also super yummy! Much more appealing than a kale shake.

  • WideEyesTWBlog

    I love eggnog, but even I will admit that the sickly sweet version you get at the grocery store can be a bit much (especially the next morning, marinating in your stomach with all that booze and food). This year I actually made my own, using this recipe from Esquire, and it was damn good! We had to make some major tweaks since we didn’t realize how many ingredients we were missing until after the stores closed for Thanksgiving: We didn’t have heavy cream so we used extra milk and a little bit of vanilla ice cream to thicken it up a bit. We also TOLD my sister to get rum and brandy, and she came back with a handle of Jameson, so we used that instead. The result was DELICIOUS…the Jameson gave it a bit more kick and bite than the rum/brandy mix does, but it was still devoured way quicker than I expected. Find the recipe here:

    Besides that, I hit the usual stouts, porters, and scotch. Which is actually what I drink all year. Scotch/Whiskey drinkers, try Campfire Whiskey by High West. You’ll feel like you’re camping, it’s amazing.

    • Baxter

      Thanks for the heads up. I love whiskey and I’m trying to get into camping. This is a no-brainer!

  • ilyac

    I love mulled drinks during the winter. Wine, cider (with or without a little spiced rum), beer (try it)…warm spiced drinks is where it’s at.

    That or a sipping on a glass of fine scotch, sitting in front of a fire, if a fire is available.

    • Style Girlfriend

      A good, roaring fire is essential in this equation

  • Adam Wyatt

    Great article. Being a good bartender is an essential skill to hosting friends, and having a female approved drink recipe helps. Some reason just offering beer doesn’t always work…

  • Tom Allan

    Living in Germany at the moment so Christmas drinking is all about the markets and gluwein. Love everything about it. The smell (it is the smell of Christmas), the cup warming your hands and the spicy taste. So nice to have something warm to drink as we huddle together in a snowy market square. That said, it is our Christmas ball tonight and one of the ladies has just been told she is being promoted so there will be celebration champagne and shots.

    • Style Girlfriend

      Have fun!

  • Alexander

    Eh, how did I not see this? Better late than never. Never tried eggnog but I intend to do so in the future. As Tom has noted, we’re pretty big on Glühwein (spiced wine drunk hot/warm) over here, I’ve actually got a mead-version of it which is quite delicious. Porter and Stout are also a good staple to keep warm and comfy. I generally think having a bit more spice is fitting for the season. (e.g. gingerbread/Lebkuchen)

    • Style Girlfriend

      I’ve never actually had mead! What does it taste like?

      • Alexander

        Phew, that is a really good question. It really depends on who made it, how long it was fermenting, what kind of yeast and honey have been used in the process ect. I’d say it definitely has honey-like character, but it’s not as sweet. The “normal” ones I have have very mild tastes, milder than dry and semi-dry wines. There’s also things like cherry-mead where cherries have been introduced into the fermenting process.

        I’d recommend trying it if you can get your hands on some. Not sure whether mead is as readily available in the U.S. though.

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