Borrowed From the Boys: Linen Shirt (Or: Why Every Guy Should Shop on Vacation)

    15th July 2013
    I’m back – finally! Hello! How have you been? What is all this heat about?!

    Last night I arrived home in New York after a whirlwind few weeks of exhausting but totally fun (funxhausting?) travels. The jet lag’s not actually too bad, though I have a feeling I’ll be absentmindedly responding “Grazia mille!” to whoever sells me my iced coffee for the rest of the week.



    {Borrowed from the Boys: Gutteridge hi-vis linen}

    While unpacking (yep, I’m a “Let’s get this stuff put away right now” kinda gal..what’s your unpacking m.o.?), I got to revisit the cities I visited through the shopping I did, like this linen shirt from a menswear store in Italy called Gutterridge.

    Last week, Intern Gabi got all up in your spot about living in linen this summer. I’m not sure which of you ran out and bought yourself some of the warm weather material, but it certainly convinced me that I needed more of the summer staple in my life.

    At the shop I stopped into in Florence (one of a chain, think Ralph Lauren, but less expensive and more polished rather than preppy), this linen shirt came in several prints and some subtle shades, but I had to go bright. This hi-vis yellow has been catching my eye lately – sure, mostly in my running attire, but it’s still a fun, unexpected hue that works well anytime.


    Personally, I love buying clothes as mementos from a trip.

    A shot glass you’ll lose or break – and also, c’mon, we’re not fifteen here. A commemorative key ring will wind up storing your spare set of house keys. But a dress shirt from High Street in London? Or a shetland wool sweater from Dublin? Dub monks from some tiny leather shop in Milan? Those you’ll have forever. You’ll get fuzzy warm feelings when you pull that piece on and remember what fun you had on the trip when you bought it. Not to mention, you’ll have a good story on hand anytime someone compliments you on that particular item (“Oh this old thing? I picked it up while on safari in Kenya..”). 

    Tell me:

    How much shopping do you do on vacation? Do you research ahead of time the stores you want to hit up, or do you just wander in and out of whatever looks like the most shopping-heavy area?

    Also! I’ve been thinking about putting together some guides to my favorite places – hotels I like, restaurants, and of course, the best guys’ shopping in town. Would you use that? I have some ideas about cities, but is there anywhere in particular you’d like to know more about?