Borrowed From the Boys: Sorel Winter Boots

    There’s something about a really hefty boot that I just love in the wintertime – Sorel Boots!

    Maybe it’s the satisfying “stomp” the heel of the Sorel boots makes every time I barrel through a snow mound.

    Or the extra workout I get on my walk to the train, with at least a few extra pounds added to each leg.

    Hat: In God We Trust (the rabbit fur topper!)

    Top: L.L. Bean Signature

    Pants: AG Jeans

    Boots: Sorel

    Whatever it is, I love my Sorels – a Christmas present after my beloved-but-beleaguered Uggs gave out a few years after college.

    Of course, there are more feminine styles from Sorel, with fluttery fur, not-found-in-nature colors, and pretty patterns, but I prefer the guys’ version – all function, but still (I think) fashionable. These bad boys make me feel like I could climb over a cab if it had snow on it and was in my way.

    Sorel Caribou boot, $82-140 (depending on style)

    Tell me:
    What kind of winter boots are you rocking this season?