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    Borrowed From the Boys: Sorel Winter Boots

    12th February 2013
    There’s something about a really hefty boot that I just love in the wintertime.

    Maybe it’s the satisfying “stomp” the heel makes every time I barrel through a snow mound.

    Or the extra workout I get on my walk to the train, with at least a few extra pounds added to each leg.

    Hat: In God We Trust (the rabbit fur topper!)

    Top: L.L. Bean Signature

    Pants: AG Jeans

    Boots: Sorel

    Whatever it is, I love my Sorels – a Christmas present after my beloved-but-beleaguered Uggs gave out a few years after college.

    Of course, there are more feminine styles from Sorel, with fluttery fur, not-found-in-nature colors, and pretty patterns, but I prefer the guys’ version – all function, but still (I think) fashionable. These bad boys make me feel like I could climb over a cab if it had snow on it and was in my way.

    Sorel Caribou boot, $82-140 (depending on style)

    Tell me:
    What kind of winter boots are you rocking this season?
    • Jessy

      Yay, a Canadian brand!

      • Style Girlfriend

        I didn’t even know! Awesome!!

    • average joe

      Atlanta – don’t really need true winter boots.

      • Style Girlfriend

        true! that’s one of the good things about having four seasons; we get to shop for all of them :)

    • GD

      Timberland Earth Keepers! Durability of Tims with some style thats a lot less than Redwing and Wolverine

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love me some Tims

    • Matt M

      I do love winter boots. I have a pair that look like moon boots and are so comfortable and warm to wear. Of course, in Los Angeles I only get to wear them once a year when i head out to Big Bear or Mammoth for a weekend.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I’ve never tried moon boots, but the people who have ‘em love ‘em!

    • Michael Bailey

      Red Wing Iron Rangers (as per your recommendation :P)

      • Style Girlfriend


    • Josh

      LL Bean Boots:

    • Sean Jones

      LL bean katahdins, The leather of the boot wears beautifully.

    • TJ

      I live in Alabama, we don’t have much use for winter boots. I do have a couple of pairs of boots in my rotation but they are not super wintery necessarily, though I only wear them in the winter. I have the j&m runnell chucka, a pair from target (with red laces that I love), and the stafford wingtip boots from jcp.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Colorful laces are the best.

    • anonymous cowards

      I’m surprised you didn’t go with the LL Bean boot (or LL Bean gumshoe). That is by far the most common sort one sees during inclement weather in New Haven, NYC, Philadelphia, or DC.

      • Style Girlfriend

        For some reason, I always think of Bean boots as more fall or spring shoes – meant for rain more than snow. But you’re right!

        • JHR2012

          The only times I’ve found Sorels really necessary was while camping in northern Minnesota, in February, when the nighttime lows hit -50F. The rest of the time, bean boots and wool socks were more than adequate.

          • Style Girlfriend

            I can definitely see them coming in handy then!

    • Johnny M.

      Sperry Top-Sider Shipyard Rigger boot

    • kellen owenby

      I used to live in Chicago. So, I have a pair of sorels & timberlands. But now, I live in Atlanta, and I have 3 pairs of clarks desert boots that I cycle through (beeswax leather, suede, and the Urban Outfitters exclusive grey leather/olive suede). LOVE MY DESERT BOOTS!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love to hear that!

    • Jarrod

      Wolverine 1K’s!

    • Aaron Trent

      Toad, is that you?

    • SJR

      SG, you now have Canadian boots to go with your Canadian accent… ;)

    • Bryan Vehonsky

      I have a pair of Sorel’s that I refer to as my winter disaster boots. They are the super heavy duty ones so I only wear them when its super cold and snowy but I think everyone should have a pair. My Clark’s get me by most other times, although the cork soles leave something to be desired in the traction department sometimes.

    • Kevin

      Some brown Timbs and some Red Wings. Gets me though New England winters.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nice to have some variety!

      • Style Girlfriend

        More Timberland wearers than I would have expected! I dig it

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