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    10 Colored Chinos for Every Guy’s Closet

    30th April 2013

    Okay guys. No more messing around.

    If you don’t have a pair of colored chinos in your closet yet – I mean I’ve talked about them enough by now that, really, you have no excuses.

    Here are ten pairs, in colors ranging from “Hmm, I could probably rock those…” to “Out of my way kind sir, for I am wearing RED PANTS, and you cannot stop me.”

    Get inspired, then get to shopping.



    Below: a few brands and stores that carry multiple shades of (very manly) colored khakis to help get you started:

    J.C. Penney Stafford Prep Chinos $30

    available in yellow, red, blue, and stone (white-ish, basically)

    Uniqlo, Men’s Slim Fit Chino Flat Front Pants $40

    uniqlo colors

    Look at all those colors! So many I’m not even gonna bother to name ‘em. Just pick your favorite and get to clickin’.

    Scotch & Soda Men’s cotton stretch belted chino, $109

    Available in red and walnut.

    Pro tip: If a belt comes with a pair of pants, toss it and sub in one of your own. It will always look better than the one included.

    Dockers “Alpha Khaki” $59-98

    You could pick up winter colors like Fall Leaf or Gravel on sale, or go for one of their newer shades for spring and summer, like Electric Blue and Azul Sea.

    Banana Republic, Emerson vintage straight chino, $60

    8 shades, including redwood rust, gold, and nautical blue (available in big and tall sizes online as well)

    J.Crew sun-faded chino in urban slim fit, $75

    available in 6 shades, including berry and lagoon blue

    Tommy Hilfiger Mercer chino twill pant, $68

    If there’s one thing Tommy Hilfiger knows, it’s how to create crisp, clean, and yes – colorful – khakis. These are available in 6 colors, including French Blue, Begonia Pink, and Apple Red

    Tell me:
    Have you hopped on the colored chinos bandwagon yet? If so, what colors are in your closet?
    If not, what’s holding you back?
    • Tod C

      Funny you should post this as I was looking at this last night.

      Slim cut is holding me back – I got a pair from Frank and Oak and my big cyclist legs don’t fit in them. I am reluctant to order online as one company’s slim fit is a pair of harem pants at another company.

      I may check out the Banana Republic and Hilfiger though as they are in Canada and I can try them on. Any idea which of these fit a guy with big legs?

      • average joe

        Too bad on the Frank & Oak. I’ve seen their stuff online and they seem legit!

        • Tod Creasey

          I have had good luck with them for shirts, belts and bags so don’t give up but really pay attention when they say slim fit on the pants.

      • Enrique Ollero

        Try Dockers. They’re definitely in the colored chino game in a wide variety of fits.

      • Jason

        I’m with Tod here. I find that most brands chinos are way to tight for my thunder thighs. I’m not a huge dude, but have fairly muscular thighs and so when I put a lot of these pants on they are super tight in the crotch and butt, so unless I want everyone staring at my package, I can’t wear them.

        Anyone have suggestions on which brands cater to us with bigger thighs while not getting all bell bottomy at the ankle?

        • LG

          Bonobos work for me. The Straight Leg washed chinos still have a trim look, but there’s more room for athletic thighs and glutes without looking like you’re wearing an adult diaper. I haven’t tried their Hat-Trick chinos, but apparently they have a little more room and some stretch too. Not really sure how I feel about that…

        • Adam

          I’m also a runner/cyclist and have similar quad issues, I grabbed a pair from Club Monaco, and they are slim but not skinny, and fit well, without being too tight.

        • Tod Creasey

          BTW checked out Hilfiger last night and they are a washout too. Way too tight in the leg.

    • Matthew Parisi

      I’ve long wanted a pair of yellow/mustard chinos but I’ve been hesitant because A. I don’t know what to pair them with and B. I’m pretty pale and think they blend in with my skin color a little too much :)

      • average joe

        As guys, we’re generally used to having our statement piece be a shirt or sweater, or something that we’re wearing on top. And the rules are generally the same: Loud on top, quiet on the bottom. Only in this case it’s reversed. If you’re wearing mustard chinos (which I think is an awesome color by the way), pair with with a simple grey shirt on top. This can be a dress shirt, t-shirt, or polo. You can also opt for white or other basic solid colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with casual t-shirts too. You can wear those mustard chinos any place you would normally wear shorts, or even the office if you have that grey button up that I mentioned earlier.

    • ATLien

      Sorry…. can’t do it.

      I’ve got some colored pairs of shorts, but I feel like colored chinos are just too fratty and “country clubish” for my personal style. I’ve only got khaki and grey chinos.

      I do have some shirts and socks in pretty outlandish colors, though. I just choose to keep my pants conservative.

      • average joe

        I agree with you. I’m originally from Chicago, where no one wears colored chinos, but now I live in Atlanta with a lot of friends from South Carolina – who dress as you suggest. But I say, what the hell, you only live once. Why not go through life in something other than khaki!!!

        But those grey chino’s sound pretty sweet….

        • ATLien

          Do these cats from South Carolina also rock belts that have the South Carolina state flag on them ? (or an alternate would be a Clemson Tigers belt). I lived in SC for five years and everyone was wearing these !

          As my old boss said, “If you live in South Carolina, you have to decide if you want to dress preppy or like a total hick. There’s no in between”.

          • average joe

            “there’s no in between”

            Truer words have not been spoken.

            They also wear the string holders on their sunglasses

            • ATLien


              I will admit to owning a navy blue SC flag t-shirt, though.

            • average joe

              their flag is awesome though with that palmetto tree and half moon…

            • Style Girlfriend

              yes! my fave

      • kellen owenby

        Grey alpha khakis are my go to, but it doesn’t hurt to throw everyone a curveball every now and then! ha

        • ATLien

          I just bought a pair of those the other day in khaki. Love em’
          My last set of chinos came from Target and they are good, too, but they have worn out rather quickly since I wear chinos almost every day for work. Next time I make a purchase, I might standardize on the alpha khakis.

      • Brett2142

        Blue is the toe-in-the-water way to go. After all navy blue is a classic color for a chino. The ones in the upper right corner of the pic in the OP aren’t THAT different.

      • Guy Rochford

        phew…I’m not alone. I have no problem flying the freak flag but I would feel like a batty, blue blood duffer in these things. Keep ‘em on the Gold Coast where they belong.

        • ATLien

          Awesome! That’s exactly my opinion.
          I think I may be still influenced by all of the punk and hip-hop music I listened to in my younger years, but there are some things I just can’t do.

    • Jessy

      I have a pair of these, but I don’t really know what to wear with them, except maybe a white short sleeve shirt to channel my inner Homer Simpson.

      • average joe

        I like that color! On top you can try: grey, darker blue, or white. Polo, t-shirt, dress shirt will all work. If you wear a polo, tuck it in but don’t wear a belt or socks, and Tommy Ton will be snappin’ pics of you before you know it.

      • Enrique Ollero

        Don’t be afraid of patterns like gingham or grid checks. Or dress it down with a light colored tee or short sleeved henley and some boat shoes.

    • average joe

      I’ve the blue and red from Banana. The length is 34, but if you’re a true 35 or 36 (like me) they’ll hit the top of your shoes with no break whatsoever. Given the style these days (rolled up chinos/ higher cuffs) the 34′s can work, but if you prefer a more traditional length, and you’re tall, you’ll want to get the 35 or 36 which is sold only online in their Big and Tall selection.

    • kellen owenby

      I’m a jeans guy to my core, but I have grabbed a couple of colored chinos from J. Crew Factory. I got the salmon and light green. Every time I wear them, I get compliments. I really like them with my suede clarks desert boots (with colored laces) or my sperry boat shoes!

      • AJ

        that’s awesome1

      • Style Girlfriend

        I feel like I’m reading one of my own posts in this comment! And the student becomes the teacher…

        • kellen owenby

          hahaha wax on. wax off.

    • jcshas

      I picked-up a Nantucket red pair and a gold pair from BR (Emerson Chino), a royal blue pair from the Gap, and bright green from J. Crew. They’re all slim-fit so they fit really well, and I’m very happy with them. I usually pair them with blue gingham shirt and navy jacket or a light gray cotton cardigan sweater for a more toned down look.

      • kellen owenby

        I have the bright green from J. Crew as well. They’re a great change of pace to pull out every now and then!

    • ilyac

      Today I am going to pick up my pair of blue Bonobo chinos from my tailor (had to get them shortened a bit), just in time for my trip out to sunny San Francisco. First splash of color I’ve ever had for pants.

      • DanPatrickFlores

        Great timing, it actually *is* sunny.

      • Style Girlfriend

        woot woot!

        • ilyac

          My tailor is making bank on me these last few months. Wow did I have a lot of ill fitting cloths!

    • Baxter

      I have Nantucket red. I’m thinking I’d like green next. Both seem to pair well with my too-much-blue shirt, jacket and sweater options.

      • Style Girlfriend

        See Enrique’s comment above about chambray – it goes really well with colored slacks!

    • JDW

      Heads up- the Uniqlo slim chinos are pretty slim….I ordered some and sent them back. I probably could have gone a size up and made it work, but even so, they were pretty slim.

    • Enrique Ollero

      Ah, we’re talking my wheelhouse today! I’ve got a fair share of colored pants – I’m wearing purple right now. I started with a red pair of chinos and haven’t looked back.

      When I started adding colored pants to the rotation, I was a little timid at first. I would only pair it with white shirts, a plain tie, and a neutral sweater or blazer. And sometimes that look is just fine. Like my OOTW pic at the link above, sometimes you want the pants to do all the talking. Think of it as a conservative colored pant option.

      But as my colored pant game evolved, I realized that there are other times you want the pants to be only a part of the conversation (that a may or may not have had anything to do with the fact that I own more colored pants than I do white shirts). I’ve paired them with colored shirts – something complimentary. For example pink goes well with blue or purple, but is a little much on red. The key is to find something that goes well without peacocking – a bold azure blue on bright green pants is essentially an actual peacock’s color scheme. Print shirts look great too – your ginghams, polka dots, microchecks, grid stripes.

      And chambray. I have yet to find a pair of colored pants that chambray does not go with.

      I also like to accessorize with either the same color or complimentary colors. For example today I’m wearing purple pants, a chambray shirt, and a navy blazer, but I’m also wearing purple laces and a purple gingham pocket square. It’s actually kind of interesting how you can push one color without it being too much of that color. The other day I was wearing blue pants and had an orange pocket square and orange laces. There are a lot of ways to go with this.

      If I had a point it would be that colored pants can really breathe life into your wardrobe. Don’t fear it, embrace it. And for god’s sake don’t peacock!

    • LawDawg

      Green, two sky blues, yellow, red, and that doesn’t count plaids/madras and seersucker. Southern Frat Boy style practically demands you have a pair of chinos in your school colors for football game days.

      • Style Girlfriend

        TWO sky blues – I love it!

        • LawDawg

          One for nicer occasions, one to wear to get rowdy in. If you have recommendations on how to get rid of bar tar from my pants, it would be amazing.

    • Spencer Baker

      Yellow, Pale Yellow, blue and pink.

    • Brett2142

      I wish Uniqlo didn’t have such crummy shipping & return policies…I would love to try their stuff. I guess I’ll wait until I’m in NYC or San Francisco next to visit a store…

      • Style Girlfriend

        Oh, that’s good to keep in mind. I’ve never had to order from them (being in NYC and all); thanks for the feedback!

        • Brett2142

          It’s mostly just in comparison to Bonobos…free shipping both ways, return anytime for any reason. Can’t beat that! It’s also why I love Zappos.

    • Toby Keef

      I have light khaki, darker khaki, a rusty khaki, dark blue, light blue, brown, green, white, and salmon. HOLLER.


      lived in slim from gap

      J.crew Factory’s urban slimfit for 30-45 bucks ea.

      • Style Girlfriend


    • Matt M

      I’ve been wearing colored chinos for about 2-2.5 years now. Started because I wanted to stop wearing jeans all the time. I think my first pair was a darker red/maroon color. From there I picked up green, light blue, bright blue, a funky grayish blue, and a lavendar pair. For the past year I’ve been on the hunt for a mustard pair (not yellow), but no luck.
      Colored chinos are great. Lightweight, add a pop of color, and are perfect for spring/summer when I’m not wearing socks.
      Recommendation on a follow up article to this one would be how to pair certain colored chinos with other items.

      • Style Girlfriend

        ooh, lavendar? I wanna see! A future #OOTW entry perhaps?

    • Mr. Everyday Dollar

      Alpha Khakis are, in my opinion, both the best fitting and best bang for the buck.

      I tried on everything – LEC slim fit chinos, J Crew USF, Rugby Vintage Chino University Pant, Dockers D1, Dockers D0 – and the Alpha Khakis dominated.

      I really liked the BR Emerson but unfortunately they ran short, the 34 inseam was more like a 31.

      • Chris Rogers

        I agree about the Emerson’s running short, I had the same problem but didn’t really notice until I wore them for a day.

      • Style Girlfriend

        That is good to know!

    • Eric

      Love that you threw in some more “economical” options. College kid on a budget, here!

    • Michael Fitchko

      Along the same lines, I practically live in Levi’s 511 twill trousers. Not exactly chinos, but about as close as I’ll get. I’ve been sticking to olive and navy recently, but have had them in most any color they’ve ever come out with. Arguably best of all, when it gets too hot for full length pants, the 511′s are affordable enough that I have no qualms with just cutting them into shorts.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Love that line of thinking

    • Adam Wyatt

      I love my Alpha Khakis. I have 4 pairs including the bright blue. I just got them a couple days ago. I’m yet to wear them, and I have a staring contest every morning with them. Soon, they’re going to win and I’ll finally take them out.

      But as the Dockers Alpha Khakis in general, they’re great. Great fit, very comfortable, and don’t overheat in the summer. Also, I would never pay more than ~$30-40 for them. Dockers ALWAYS has sales and coupons. You can purchase them for much cheaper than their list price.

    • Jared Kong

      Khaki, red, and navy blue.

      • Style Girlfriend


    • Jarrod

      J Crew Broken-In Chinos in Urban Slim – Dublin Green

      -I’ve gotten more positive complements from those pants than any of my other bright chinos and that include some of my Bonobos pairs!

      • Style Girlfriend

        Nice! Thanks for the recco on color

    • DanPatrickFlores

      I’m so saying, “Out of my way kind sir, for I am wearing RED PANTS, and you cannot stop me” tomorrow… or, I may shorten it to “Outta my way jerk-face, I’m wearing red pants!”

      • Style Girlfriend

        That works too :)

    • pB

      Lol, now I really do feel old. I used to have a pair of pastel mint coloured chinos that I wore in college, back around the same time Sonny Crockett used to wear that kind of thing on tv. Now I’m more into the more muted tones.

    • Adam

      I got a pair of Orange ones from Club Monaco, but my wife shot those down, settled on bright blue ones as a mid-ground

    • TJ
    • Gerry

      I recently bought a pair of Burgundy Levi’s, and Red Chinos from Banana Republic. I tired on a pair of yellow chinos, but just couldn’t take the plunge on those, haha.

    • Martin

      I hopped on it last year and my colours are: red, brown, blue and yellow.
      The red ones aren’t as bold as one would suspect. I saw the one or the other orange chino at the race today. Now that is some swag.

    • nstearns

      I picked up red, yellow and stone Stafford prep chinos as well as some neon yellow ones. Soon going to pick up some light blue, green and tan chinos. I’m loving having them in my closet and how versatile they are. Next up is shoes…

    • NECS

      I bought $120 worth of stuff from Uniqlo (including purple chinos) this week. 120 at uniqlo is like 350 at J. Crew. I am oh so very excited.

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    • Rory Court

      I have a maroon pair and blue pair, and I love them!

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    • AngusPearson

      I’ve got the traditional stone/ beige chinos, but I like Burgundy, and a salmon/ pink pair that as a rower, people recognise as Leander Club stash. The salmon isn’t an often done colour, but people notice them and it’s a bit more individual. I’m looking to get a Navy pair and a deep green or bright blue pair, or something like that. Colourful chinos can be hard to match to your top half, though, and bright red chinos often dominate the whole look.

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