10 Colored Chinos for Every Guy’s Closet

    Okay guys. No more messing around.

    If you don’t have a pair of colored chinos in your closet yet – I mean I’ve talked about them enough by now that, really, you have no excuses.

    Here are ten pairs, in colors ranging from “Hmm, I could probably rock those…” to “Out of my way kind sir, for I am wearing RED PANTS, and you cannot stop me.”

    Get inspired, then get to shopping.



    Below: a few brands and stores that carry multiple shades of (very manly) colored khakis to help get you started:

    J.C. Penney Stafford Prep Chinos $30

    available in yellow, red, blue, and stone (white-ish, basically)

    Uniqlo, Men’s Slim Fit Chino Flat Front Pants $40

    uniqlo colors

    Look at all those colors! So many I’m not even gonna bother to name ’em. Just pick your favorite and get to clickin’.

    Scotch & Soda Men’s cotton stretch belted chino, $109

    Available in red and walnut.

    Pro tip: If a belt comes with a pair of pants, toss it and sub in one of your own. It will always look better than the one included.

    Dockers “Alpha Khaki” $59-98

    You could pick up winter colors like Fall Leaf or Gravel on sale, or go for one of their newer shades for spring and summer, like Electric Blue and Azul Sea.

    Banana Republic, Emerson vintage straight chino, $60

    8 shades, including redwood rust, gold, and nautical blue (available in big and tall sizes online as well)

    J.Crew sun-faded chino in urban slim fit, $75

    available in 6 shades, including berry and lagoon blue

    Tommy Hilfiger Mercer chino twill pant, $68

    If there’s one thing Tommy Hilfiger knows, it’s how to create crisp, clean, and yes – colorful – khakis. These are available in 6 colors, including French Blue, Begonia Pink, and Apple Red

    Tell me:
    Have you hopped on the colored chinos bandwagon yet? If so, what colors are in your closet?
    If not, what’s holding you back?