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    1 Piece, 3 Ways: Saddle Shoes

    20th February 2013
    Happy Wednesday! You know what that means – Intern Gabi is on deck to provide the college girl’s perspective on guys’ style. All you grads, listen in, too. She knows her stuff…

    Back when you could dance six inches apart and still be considered promiscuous -Ooh! Scandal!- saddle shoes were the shoe du jour. These kicks harken back to a time of more refined style: when zebra print was only found only on zebras and not in car interiors,

    To me, saddle shoes say “Grease Lightning,” although as it turns out, they were actually introduced several years prior. Originally a tennis shoe, some smart person realized they were too stylish to be reserved for the court, and began marketing them to be worn post-game/set/match.

    Thankfully, they’ve made a resurgence of late – or have they really just been chilling in the background this whole time? It’s your call! – so I put together three outfits with saddle shoes for you guys to consider this footwear, if you haven’t already decided to invest in these classics.

    All shoes by G. H. Bass & Co.

    I Got the Blues (For You)

    It’s almost March which -in my book- means constantly changing weather. With the sweater, this outfit looks just right the blustery, grey days of March. Swap in an apron to channel your dad (or dad’s dad!) grilling up some ‘burgers and ‘dogs on labor day weekend. Nothing is hotter than a man that can grill AND dress well.

    Pants: RVCA, $58
    Shirt: RVCA, $54
    Sweater: Topman, $44
    Belt: Gap, $35

    ABC…Americana Business Casual

    Why not show your patriotism at work?

    Layer different textures and patterns for a fun – but put together – look for the office. These saddle shoes pair well with other patterned pieces. Put on a punchy plaid shirt and some subtly-striped pants that share a background a color from the plaid. Top it with a knit tie and, of course, a tie clip and belt to hold it all in place.

    Pants: Land’s End, $98
    Shirt: Banana Republic, $80
    Tie: Tie Bar, $15
    Tie Clip: Tie Bar, $15
    Belt: Dockers, $25

    Off the Road

    When we get into the warmer months (or for you west coasters, y’know, now.), feel free to pair your saddle shoes with shorts. Channel your inner beatnik brethren, mixed with their cleaned up cousin; borrow the chic striped sweater but throw it over shorts and a plaid button up instead of jeans.  Pick a short, tailored pair (8″) that does justice to the origins of the shoe. And whatever you do, don’t wear socks! Trust me, we would much rather see your ankles.

    Sweater: H&M, $50
    Shorts: Saturdays NYC, $98
    Shirt: Bonobos, $88
    Belt: All Saints, $85

     So tell me:

    How would you style saddle shoes? What other pieces would you like to steal from previous decades?

    • Dave

      Just a general observation–this week and last, Gabi has put together some really nice outfits! I’m really liking the “off the road” look–it’s very unlike anything I would have thought to do myself, so maybe it’s helping me expand my horizon a bit.

      • Dave

        And for the record, I already have mad grilling skills. Now if only I could look this good while doing it! I will look forward to the aforementioned SG approved apron options.

      • Style Girlfriend

        Right? She’s killin’ it!

      • gabi meyers

        I’m glad I’ve inspired you Dave, can’t wait to see the results!

    • average joe

      That 3rd pair with the gray on gray looks really sharp.

    • Dominic

      Gabi is killing it. I particular like the navy on white (middle pair). They’d even look good a little ruffled with shorts and shirt in the summer. I’m off to spend the next hour online shopping for a pair.

      I don’t normally like H&M but that striped jumper in the third outfit is just what I’ve been looking for recently. Gabi, you should move to England.

      • Dominic

        I take it although you say don’t wear socks, no shows are cool for the third look? I can’t stand wearing shoes without socks unless they’re something like suede Tod’s.

        • Style Girlfriend

          I’m always good with no-show socks

      • Derric

        The navy on white is my favorite pair of these too. I like the perforations too.

        As far as no-show socks, I’m sure Megan and Gabi are fine with them as long as they give the appearance of not wearing socks. Something like these:

        I couldn’t stand not wearing socks myself until I started putting powder in my shoes before going sockless. Now I love it!

        • gabi meyers

          That’s exactly what I meant Derric! I can’t not wear socks, but I CAN wear no-show socks :)

    • TJ

      I really like these looks. I don’t have a pair of saddle shoes but I have been thinking about getting a pair for a while. I do have a pair of grey suede wingtip bucks that I feel could be substituted.

      P.s. I can cook and I look great while doing it.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I like your confidence!!

      • gabi meyers

        i hope to see those grey suede wingtips next Wednesday for SUYS

        • TJ

          Maybe. Its still a little cold for outside. I usually only wear them in the spring and winter. Once it warms up, you’ll definitely see them.

    • Dan J.

      I really dislike long sleeves with shorts – I think it makes you look mismatched, the opposite of the put-together look I’m going for – but obviously that’s a personal preference. Other than that, I really like these outfits. I have several pairs of bucks, but no saddle shoes as of yet. That probably needs to change …

      • Style Girlfriend

        oh really? I think it looks really great on guys, very put-together.

      • gabi meyers

        I agree that the shoe situation needs to change! :)

    • Terry

      Cole Hahn has really beautiful saddles in blue/ grey that are on sale at Nordstrom rack! So elegant. I bought them for my sneaker- loving husband and made him wear them to work! Lots of compliments!

    • Zachary

      I love my AE saddle shoes. Picked em up about a year ago. They’re solid chestnut instead of two colors. Great to wear with anything less formal than a suit. I probably wear them even more often than my chukkas. On my list for the summer: dark brown and white spectators, as seen in The Godfather.

      • Style Girlfriend

        I love the similar tone-on-tone versions! It’s a nice way to dip your toe (as it were) into the saddle shoe waters without feeling too “out there”

        But I dig the idea of the brown and whites! “May their first child be a masculine child…”

    • Wayne

      Saddle shoes with shorts is a must in Texas. Even in the cooler months, 60 degrees is what we consider cold, I rarely wear socks. Great post!

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